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St. Vincent and Grenadines urged to amend cybercrime bill
Court suspends prison sentence of Kazakh journalist
Croatian President: shaming law should be scrapped
India criminal defamation ruling fails to recognise threat
Italian Senate considers bill to increase prison time for defamation
Blog: Böhmermann case shows it’s never too early to repeal bad laws
Zambia journalists charged with defaming country’s president
Dominican Republic partially tosses criminal defamation law
IPI adds Caribbean defamation laws to online database
Austria: Draft FOI law falls short of international standards
Hungary anti-terror proposal threatens press freedom
Zimbabwe court rules criminal defamation unconstitutional
Polish governing party files libel suit over critical commentary
Greece passes bill aiming to combat abuse of defamation law against journalists
Spanish media outlets take 'gag law' to European Court of Human Rights
Japanese journalist found not guilty of defaming South Korea’s President
Hungarian Parliament fails to advance defamation reform bill
Greek civil defamation reform bill step in the right direction, IPI/SEEMO delegation says
Japanese journalist faces prison time for allegedly defaming South Korean president
Kenyan National Assembly criminalises “defamation of Parliament”
IPI launches new online media laws database
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